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Our Constitution



There shall be two categories of membership in the national body of Egbe Omo Yoruba.

First, membership may be obtained through membership in a local city chapter of the Association. A chapter shall be defined as a pan-Yoruba association in a specific locality.

Second, membership may also be obtained directly in the national body of the Egbe Omo Yoruba on an individual basis by a Yoruba indigene who lives in a locality that has no viable chapter.



  1. To be eligible for office, members in good standing shall make all nominations to a national office. The nomination of a member of a local chapter shall be endorsed by his or her chapter, provided that to be eligible for nomination of candidates and for voting, a chapter must have been in good standing for at least six months. The nomination of a member who has no chapter shall be endorsed by at least 10 other members who also have no chapter, provided that individual members may not vote for candidates.
  2. All national executive positions shall be contested every two years at the National Convention.
  3.  All members nominated to offices must have fulfilled their financial obligations to the organization up to the time of election.
  4. Before any member can be elected to the executive committee, he or she must be an active member in good standing financially.
  5. Through a process of elimination, officers shall be voted for until two candidates emerge. To secure an office, candidates must get the majority of the votes cast.
  6. Election of officials shall take place by secret ballot.
  7. No member shall run or be voted for an office in absentia.