About Us

Our Constitution



  1. Egbe Omo Yoruba (National Association of Yoruba Descendants).
  2. The motto of the organization shall be “Fun Ilosiwaju Ile Wa”


The National Headquarters shall be located in Washington, DC. It shall serve as the permanent headquarters/secretariat. This would serve as the operational Headquarters and nerve center for coordinating all the activities and management of the affairs of Egbé Omo Yoruba.



  1. To cherish, uphold and project the honor and dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition worldwide.
  2. To serve as an umbrella organization to other Pan-Yoruba organizations.
  3. To promote and support democracy at all cost and to foster individual freedom.
  4. To encourage and deliberate on issues paramount to the Yoruba people
  5. To preserve the Egbe as a non-partisan organization-religious organization.
  6. To foster the economic empowerment of Yoruba.
  7. To undertake specific projects beneficial to Yoruba and aimed at enhancing our development.
  8. To work with other organizations inside and outside Nigeria to promote peace, stability, justice and unity while working actively for the promotion of Yoruba interests.
  9. To engage in activities worldwide, that promotes and ensures social justice, equity, opportunities and interests of Yorùbá.
  10. To work diligently to bridge the information gap between the Yoruba and the world.
  11. To establish a newsletter “YORUBA” the organ of Yoruba for information dissemination within Nigeria and the Yoruba Diaspora worldwide.
  12. To establish a presence in Nigeria to facilitate home-based activities.
  13. To ensure the advancement of Yoruba traditional institutions.