About Us

Mission, Purpose and Goal

Egbé Omo Yorùbá North America, the National Association of Yoruba Descendants in North America has grown to become an institution organizing the Yoruba in Diaspora inspiring Nigerians in Diaspora since 1994 till this present day 2014. With committed leadership, the organization became the vanguard of the struggle for free market economy and democratic government of pre-may 1999 Nigeria. Egbe Omo Yoruba as an Institution has chosen to be a bridge-builder by being bold, by measuring our success not by those we exclude, but by those we include. We’ve done so by providing scholarship for education to some of those who seek the empowering strength of knowledge anywhere in Yoruba land, Nigeria.

Egbe Omo Yoruba has a history of Integrity, stewardship and values that we live by. We are more powerful together, than apart, encouraging one another in moment of crisis. Our philosophy of putting people before profit and the possibilities that come when we dare to set bold goals-goals that have significance to make it possible for poorer folks to buy the same things as richer folks. The remarkable audacity to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots is an inspiration.

The most important work of all-that of building bridges, a connection between our past and a promising future. A bridge enables us to go from where we are now to where we want to be. Because bridges are not just made of steel, or bricks, or mortar, they are built from the foundation of the strongest substance of all: humanity. Building a bridge is taking responsibility for others. Building a bridge is doing something that others consider impossible. Building a bridge is one of the most meaningful, impactful exercising that Egbe Omo Yoruba members are called to do.

We acknowledge the good works of many bold and courageous Yoruba men and women who dared to dream and were bold enough to make their dreams come true. We remain convinced that we are all on a quest towards the Journey Across Time of history and because this can be a very elusive goal of political freedom and economic emancipation of our generation, we must take every opportunity to contemplate the significance of this “Journey, which is best measured by the road traveled, the road not yet traveled, and even the road not chosen for travel. This journey would be even more satisfying if we are all fit to travel this road together.

Agbajowo Lafi so ya
Osusu owo kose se
Owo kan o gberu dori
Isé l’oògùn ìsé.
Múra sí isé òréè mi.
Isé ni a fi n d’eni gíga.
Bí a kò bá r’éni f`èhìn tì
Bí òle ni à n rí
Bí a kò bá r’éni gb’ékè lé
A te’ra mó isé eni etc.