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Dr. Biyi Oyefule Discusses Causes of Mental Illnesses With Sola Yussuf

Exactly what is mental illness? What are the various forms of mental illnesses? Are they the result of addiction? And what is the cause of addiction? Is addiction a mental illness or is it caused by mental illness? Or how are the two related? Are mental illnesses more  common with with more race than the other? What is the effect of the food that we eat on our mental health? Are there seasonal madness? If so, how so?

This Sunday, August 20, 2017, on Yoruba Gbode, Nigerian born, Philadelphia-based, 35 years practicing Psychiatry doctor, Dr. Biyi Oyefule will be special guest with host Alhaja Sola Yussuf. Dr Oyefule will give insights and share advice on all the ramifications of mental health conditions. He will talk about the symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment of mental illnesses.

Dr. Oyefule provides mental health services for Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health Treatment, Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and General health services at his Safe Meadow Health Center in Philadelphia.

Please join him and host Sola Yussuf this Sunday, August 20 at 5.00 pm Eastern on Yoruba Gbode to learn more. Dr. Oyefule will be taking questions live from callers.

Call 646-716-4493 or listen at to be a part of the program.

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